Share memories or activities from your favorite visit to see your S/O

Visiting your S/O is definitely one of the highlights of your relationship. After being separated for so long, there’s nothing more exciting than FINALLY being able to wrap your arms around your special someone!

There’s so much to do and so little time to do it! What do you and your partner usually do when you visit one another? How did your last visit go? How is your current visit? What do you love most about being with your partner after being so long without them?



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  1. Unfortunately won’t be able to participate in this prompt, since my boyfriend and I have never met! Trying to think of an idea to spin this to fit our situation though so I can participate anyway! :)

    1. Maybe you can write about what you want your first visit to be like? Or imagine what it would be like if he visited you (or vice versa). What kind of things would you want to show him in your hometown? What kinds of activities would you do? Just an idea :)

  2. I’m really excited about this prompt. Jay and I have been very fortunate with visits. We’re about to have our third one since we became lost distance a little less than a year ago. I can’t wait to write this one!!

  3. Excited to write about this one. Johan my fiance from Australia is actually here at the moment. It’s been so nice to have him here. We’ve been dating for 5 years Long Distance and next year we are getting married. The distance will end then! :) So excited to meet more of you long distance relationship-ers! Distance does work.

  4. I really like the idea of this prompt. Pedro is visiting me right now actually!! If I find time I can write about how our trip is going. If not, I will after!

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