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Describe Your Relationship Using Only Titles To Songs

There’s an old forum game that was once very popular in the early world of the interwebs. Many couples today have adopted the game, using it as a fun way to spice up their relationship’s conversations with an interesting twist. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. The objective of the game is to have a full conversation using only song titles.

If you’ve never tried this game, it might a fun activity to try together with your S/O, but you have to have a good handle on songs and their titles (some of us don’t know song titles to save our lives!)

Fortunately, this blogging challenge is much easier since the objective is only to describe your relationship using song titles. And, for those of us who are terrible at remembering and usually end up humming out a tune to describe it, you can most definitely cheat!

After describing your relationship, feel free to elaborate on the titles you’ve picked, so we can really get a feel for why you’ve described your relationship the way you have!


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  1. I haven’t actually ever played this game, but I’m really excited to try it. I’m also definitely going to cheat because I’m quite horrible with songs titles!

  2. I have to admit, this sounds pretty interesting, haha. I think I might try it out but I think I may wait to see some others post first to make sure I do it right. xD

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