Ten Songs

List 10 songs that remind you of your LDR and your relationship with your partner

Music is a cultural thing and culture takes many forms. Nations can have cultures, Families can have cultures, even Couples can have cultures and with culture comes music. Music can help to define our relationships, solidify our bonds with our partners and just make a difficult situation a whole lot more bearable. There’s countless long distance songs out there, which 10 stand out most to you?


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  1. I’m genuinely excited for this prompt! I know how much music means to a lot of people, so I’m excited to see how music has played a role in other couples’ relationships and what kind of music everyone listens to!

  2. Loved this! Music is such a powerful and universal thing. Most of my ten songs were non-English though hah. But that there goes to show ya that in music… language isn’t a barrier. :)

  3. I think I will give this prompt a try. I really like listening to music and songs play a big part in my LDR since they are constant reminders of how much my boyfriend and I spent time together.

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