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We got married! I am still pinching myself! I can’t believe that we’re married. We’ve been talking about this on and off for years and it finally happened. When Don and I got engaged, we dove head first on my visa process. We initially wanted to do the Prospective Marriage Visa, but, later on, found out, it is far easier to do a Partner Visa (spousal visa) and it cost the same. It gives us a stronger credibility because we are married. While working out our visa dilemma, we were also trying to set the date for the wedding in Malaysia. We decided to have the Malaysian ceremony and reception end of the year when his family and friends who are overseas will be back to for the festive period. Somewhere along discussing our visa options, wedding planning and the impatientness of wanting to be together. We decided to just get married (the civil ceremony) and start our lives (and deal with the visa situation as we go along).

Don’s family has a tradition of going to a family friend’s holiday house (3 hours south of Perth) every Easter. The place is very special to his family as they grew up there. They have many fond memories of the place. It was the ideal place to hold our ceremony!

Wedding Preparations

I kinda feel bad about this. My only contribution to the wedding was the wedding stationeries. Everything else – decor, flowers, food, and the arrangement was done by his family. Everyone who attended contributed to something. I didn’t even get to see what was happening because I was in hair and makeup. I just had little updates of what’s happening from Don who kept coming in to see me. I wasn’t able to do much as well because I was KL trying to sort my life out before coming over.


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