What are your hopes for the future?

For your relationship? What do you and you long distance partner have planned for that beautiful day when you can can be together all the time, not just on visits?

Share with us, your hopes for the future. Whether that be moving in together, both graduating college, finding dream jobs or starting a family. Or even hopes of meeting each other soon.



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  1. Oh my goodness I love this prompt so much. I am conflicted on whether to add part 2 to my pre-ldr prompt or start this one haha. This will be the next one regardless. I have so much hope and plans for the future with my love and I am really excited to share it with everyone. :)

  2. I am excited with this blog prompt I will write this week. I need to have more inspiration. I like having plans with Nigel. Can’t wait for more posts in here.. <3

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