Friends Before Lovers

I read many long distance relationship blogs to feel part of a community. To understand how long distance relationship works. For support, also to get some comfort that, I am not the only one in this situation.

One of the few things I noticed they talked about was How To Overcome Fights In Long Distance Relationships. Curious, i clicked on them, tried to relate them to my fights with Don and realised that I couldn’t. They were really helpful tips and advice but, I didn’t get it. Why? I mean, we do fight. We do right? Only to realise that… Don and I don’t really fight. Okay, maybe not big fights where “I thnk we should hang up now” or “Leave me alone, I don’t want to talk to you”

But when we do, we argue about Cats vs Dogs (Cats ftw!), our music/movie taste and when we are together – What do you want to eat? I dont know. What do you want to eat? I asked you! Other than that, not really… Is that normal for long distance relationships? Is there something missing with us? We’ve never fought about the distance or letting the frustrations from the distance get to us.


  1. It is so great that you and Don started out more as friends before leaping into a relationship. Clark and I did the same thing. We were friends and then best friends for a few months before we were even able to finally admit that we had feelings for each other.

  2. You guys look so cute together! And I agree with you! The way your relationship evolved and developed sounds a bit more romantic because you started out as friends. You got to learn lots of things about each other first, and then you just realized that you have feelings for each other. That means that you have already loved everything about each other and accepted each other’s flaws. That is one true love! <3

    1. Hi Diana, Thank you! I am pretty proud of how we started our relationship. I feel like our relationship is alot stronger and more solid because of our friendship. Don and I always had feelings for each other but we were dating other people. So we became friends and eventually broke up with the people we were dating and got together! Funny how life turns out for you.

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