how m&ms can triple your blogs traffic

How M&Ms can help you TRIPLE your blog’s traffic

If you’ve ever read one of our posts, you’d know that my team and I LOVE to write about M&Ms. I mean, what’s not to love? They’re colorful, chocolatey and delicious! And they’ve been around for literally AGES and no ...
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5 Ways To Bring More Traffic To Your Blog

There are over 14 million long distance couples in the United States alone. Think about how striking that figure is! That’s just the United States, a small chunk of a very big world of long distance couples. Thinking about how large ...
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How Your Opinion Engages Readers

What did you think? Have you ever heard of K-Pop reaction videos? It's video that users make to show their reaction to seeing a music video for the first time. These kinds of videos have become pretty popular. Why? If you're ...
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How To Choose Good Post Titles

Why does it matter? I need you to go the store and buy me some milk. Wait what? Whole milk? I wanted Rice Milk. Why would you bring me this? I wasn’t specific enough? Oh yeah… When you pick a title that’s ...
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WIN this crazy AWESOME Branding Kit For Your Blog!

Hello All! Time for another giveaway, exclusive to our LDRBN Influencers! As you know, LDRBN's focus is creating a community where LDR couples who blog can find SUPPORT and where we help all of you wonderful people learn how to grow your ...
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How To Catch Sneaky Typos

Why it’s Important In Wellesley, Massachusetts, a man handed a bank teller a note that read: "Give me your 10s and 20s and no die pack." Distracted by the misspelling of "die" for "dye," the teller had to reread the note ...
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collaborations for your blog

5 Types of Collaborations For Your Blog

We’ve talked before about the value of guest posts and how they boost traffic. We’ve also covered how to approach other network members & bloggers about working with you. What we haven’t covered yet is the different types of collaborations ...
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how to use guest posts to boost your blog

How to Use Guest Posts to Boost Your Blog

A Beautiful Symbiotic Relationship Now you may be wondering: Why should I try guest posts? What are the benefits? Well in short, it's a win-win for everyone. It gives you both an opportunity to gain new readers. You're both LDR bloggers, which means ...
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how to make sure busy readers choose you

How To Make Sure Busy Readers Choose You

How To Make Sure Busy Readers Pick You After a long day of work and stress, it’s nice to sit back and read old instruction manuals. ….Wait what? No it’s not. I’d much rather be doing something more interactive and entertaining ...
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how to create reader loyalty

How to Create Reader Loyalty

 Make Them Feel Supported One of the hardest things about being in an LDR is feeling alone. When you have a fight with your S/O or you need support and advice, who can you go to for help? That's where an ...
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How to Write a Blog Post That Readers Remember

How do you get your readers to remember your post? The answer may surprise you. 1. Stick as Closely to Your Main Point as Possible Your use of the prompt, or topic you are writing about, will affect whether or not your ...
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How to Get the Most Out of Your Pan

Now I'm sure you're wondering about the title of this post. Pan? What does a pan have to do with blogging? Well, besides getting your attention, the pan represents something that is very important to you. Your voice. Your Voice is ...
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