A defining moment: The day he said “I’m moving to you”

Being in a long distance relationship is hard work; no doubt about that. All decisions made in long distance relationships are tough, but I would have to say the toughest for us has been the relocation factor.

Thoughts/Statements between us about moving
One of us has to eventually move.
But who will it be?
I’d move anywhere for you.
I’m not letting you leave your family behind.
But you’ve worked so hard for the “family” you have.
Why does it feel like I’m the only one willing to move?

If you are anything like us, then moving is a touchy subject for you. One of you wants to talk about it; the other does not. One of you is completely willing to move, but it does not seem the same of the other.

How things are for the two of us
We entered our relationship unsure of how things were going to go. Neither of us had experience in long distance relationships. Nick’s romantic relationships were fleeting, and mine were pretty much nonexistent, so the odds were almost stacked up against us.

As we matured, Nick had one really good friend who no longer lives near him. He found a good job that he relatively enjoys, but he is no longer sure what he wants to do for a career. He is a total mama’s boy, and I dare say that I do not think he can live without her; he is very close with his family in general.

As for me, well, my family history is not the greatest. My mom and I barely get along; my dad rarely talks to me; my relationship with my dad’s kids is estranged. My relationship with my mom’s daughter is pretty good, but really the only family I would be leaving behind is


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  1. Hey,

    Great advice about the realities of actually moving. It is easy to get wrapped up in all the joys of it an d forget the challenges that come with it too. My fiance and I will be closing the distance this summer after our wedding. I will be moving to Chicago and I’m in job searching mode now! Your post was a good reminder that this is a time to celebrate but also emotionally prepare for major transition. Congrats on closing the distance soon!

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