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Australia Vacation 526

Awkward at First Sight

I just returned from my journey down under and it was honestly one of the best things I’ve every done in life. Traveling by yourself can be incredibly stressful or scary for some people, so I was apprehensive when leaving for Sydney. I could not be any happier that I ...
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Considering Long Distance?

I post quite often about my experiences in my LDR, but hardly ever touch on what happens BEFORE the LDR. The decision to begin a LDR can be the hardest aspect of the entire relationship. There are a few pieces of advice that I wish someone told me when I was ...
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An Open Letter to the Faint of Heart

To those of you unsupportive of my (or anyone else’s) long distance relationship: I am writing to you today in an effort to open your mind, not only about long distance relationships , but also about judging other peoples’ decisions. Every couple presented with the possibility of long distance faces a challenge unlike any ...
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