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6 Things You Learn After Reuniting

"Reunited and it feels so good!" Peaches & Herb had it right. There is no comparison to a reunion with your sweetheart. Quality time together in person is one of the most basic human desires. Here are my thoughts on reuniting after a long time of being apart. 1. There is ...
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My Infinity: 8 Songs I’ve Written About Love and Distance

Last time, I shared the songs I considered as the official soundtrack of my love story. That includes popular songs from popular artists. This time, I would like to share to you the songs I’ve personally written for the love of my life. My bestfriend who is in LDR  listens ...
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LDR Advice: Listen Carefully and Choose Wisely

When it comes to Long Distance Relationships (and everything else in life) everyone has some advice to give. Some of it will even come from people who hasn't been in a LDR before. We do understand that they do it out of the goodness of their hearts but that doesn't ...
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Is this love that I’m feeling? 15 things I discovered about love

Like Whitesnake, I’ve asked that question. The warm fuzzy feeling, the racing heart, the excitement, was that love? Was that what I was feeling? Another question also plagued me: was that all there was to love? The thought terrified me. If those feelings were the only way I knew I was ...
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5 Long Distance Relationship Lessons From On The Wings Of Love

A brief intro about my long distance relationship - his parents think that I don't have pure intentions for him because of this show. I don't blame his parents, I understand where they are coming from. I'm not asking them to like me instantly, I just want them to give ...
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Spending my 21st birthday together

Anyone in a long distance relationship will tell you that spending a birthday with his or her partner is not always possible. Well, I was lucky enough to do that just this year. In 3 years of knowing each other, we have not had the chance to spend each others’ ...
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Based on a True Story

Sometimes I imagine my life as a movie, my relationship being the shining star. I can never choose which actress to play myself or who would play Jay (although I’m 99% sure he would choose Brad Pitt) but I have songs for the soundtrack overflowing my mind. Opening Credits The film begins ...
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Blogging 101: Starting Out

It is quite common for people who like to write to be stuck with fingers hovering on keyboards or pens on paper. It is common and very frustrating. No matter how hard you rack your brain into producing what could be the best essay of your life, nothing really comes ...
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