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LDR: Do. Or do not. There is no try.

I've been in a Long Distance Relationship for over 2 years now and still there are days where I wish someone would've handed me a map at the beginning of it (or maybe just a Magic 8 ball ). When you finally decide to give it a try, it's when you ...
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POV: Nick’s birthday visit/Spring break

Melanie Martinez Concert What was your favorite part about this visit? Nick: When we got lost: When we first got to Chicago, we had no idea how to use Lola (the GPS) for walking, and we walked four blocks in the wrong direction. I liked the concert too because I had never ...
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A Quick One!

If you've been following my Instagram, you would have known that I went for a quick short trip to Perth to see Don. I needed to be in Perth to run some errands with Don. Since Don's birthday was on a weekend, we decided that I should come on his ...
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Ultimate list of Long Distance Dates

Go on virtual walks together via Google Street View on Google Maps Watch movies together ( website) Go online shopping together Go to a home realtor website and pretend to pick out a house together Watch Youtube videos together Make the same dinner and eat it together Have selfie photo shoots and send them to each ...
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The Epic Visa Journey (pt 2)

Printers, I love them almost as much as I hate them. As I stared down at the necessary evil, I felt nothing but anger and hatred for the frustrating piece of crap. I urgently needed to print one B&W document, but it was low on coloured ink, so what did it ...
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Song Of The Week: But I Do an Original LDR Song by Wannie

My song for this week is a proof that LDR works. It’s hard but this couple made the distance work for them. This week’s song is an original piece written by my cousin. We usually meet on the weekends when we were young but we haven’t been in contact for years ...
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Getting Ready For Long Distance Relationship

So there. You met the guy of your dreams. You love him and he loves you back. Perfect! Wait, there’s one thing though, he’ll be living miles away from you days or months from now. In other words – He’s far far away from you. This is the second part of my ...
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What my LDR boyfriend fears the most

Because of the whole passport dilemma, my long distance relationship with Cruz has been an emotional roller coaster. In my last post, I said that I’ve finally just decided to take a break from the relationship. I told Cruz about my decision for us to take a break and his reaction completely ...
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