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Let it Out

Last week was one of those “Trouble in Paradise” weeks. He had a busy schedule and ended up going to an area where there wasn’t network. Due to this, He was apparently unable to communicate with me on a regular basis. I thought this was bull. Unlike most occasions, I remained chill ...
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My LDR Love Song

Without music, life would be a lot less exciting. No, it would be totally unlivable! Who doesn’t crave an addicting song that is like sweet golden honey to their ears? Or a tranquil serenade of sultry strings on a warm summer evening as a dusky sun sets? There is nothing in ...
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Our LDR First Meeting Plans

As some of you might already know if you follow my Instagram, Cruz finally finished applying for his passport a week ago! He also paid for the expedited service, so he will be definitely getting it in time for our first meeting on May 4 :D I am now back in ...
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How Blogging Improved My LDR

I took a step back today and really thought hard about this blog. My focus on it has faltered because of how busy my university life has been (Nursing school is HARD & TERRIBLY BUSY), and I found myself feeling really guilty about it. I started this blog a year and ...
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Soundtrack of our Love

Music has always been a big part of my life so when this was a topic to choose from there was no doubt that I would be writing it. There were so many songs to choose from but I brought it down to my ten I would choose. Everyday a ...
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How Coloring Reminded me of His Love

I’ve really been enjoying coloring lately. I love art and it relaxes me. The other night I sat down with my new giant coloring book and began to flip through the pages to pick which page I wanted to start with. I found two that I was stuck between. Secretly ...
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Pretty Smiles and Crash Tackles

Eighteen hours. Eighteen hours to travel 3000 miles. But, finally, I was here. Slinging my camera bag and backpack over my shoulders, I climbed out of the small 30 passenger plane, and was warmly welcomed by Saipan’s legendary humidity. I’d been told many times about this, and it was true, I ...
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Open Letter to All Those Supporting Someone on a LDR

Dear You: Yes you!… The one who is always there for your son, daughter, brother, sister, friend, not so friend or even the random stranger that you met who is on a Long Distance Relationship. To you, on behalf of any longdistancer I say THANK YOU! Today by accident I heard my ...
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